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The Art of Matthew Tomlet

Now offering Matt Tomlet's artwork - authorized reproductions, printed on canvas or coated paper. Customized size options available. Visit Matt Tomlet's Facebook page for more information.

Matthew Tomlet Artwork


Designed for divers by divers, Paralenz is made for life underwater. It’s the first camera in the world that gives you all the colors without color filters; displays the depth and temperature as overlay in your videos; and logs your dive and makes a dive profile.

In addition, Paralenz is waterproof to 200m / 656 ft.; milled from military grade aluminum; automatically starts recording when you descend below 1m / 3 ft and stops 10 sec. after resurfacing; and offers extended battery life, allowing for up to +3 hours in Full HD and +2 in stunning 4K resolution.

Visit out website for more information.

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Maui Jim Sunglasses

Islamorada is now a certified reseller of world famous Maui Jim sunglasses, we stock most models at very competitive prices.

Maui Jim Sunglasses Islamorada Panama

Reactor Watches

For additional information about Reactor Watches, please visit their website or view this online video.

Reactor Watches Islamorada Panama Shipping Agent Admiralty Chart Agent