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About Us

islamorada admiralty chart agentsIslamorada is the appointed Admiralty chart agent in the Republic of Panama, and the largest nautical bookstore in Latin America. Located in Balboa, and on the Panama Canal, Islamorada is ideally positioned to provide products and services to ships in transit through the Isthmus, as well as to other countries throughout the region.

Because of our strategic location, we are able to provide fast delivery of charts and other important products to ships calling on ports throughout Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. Islamorada is part of a larger world-wide network of Admiralty chart agents with whom we regularlary cooperate to deliver charts to ports throughout this region more expeditiously than would be possible directly from Europe, Asia, and North America.

Islamorada complies with the ISO9000:2001 quality standards, and is classified as an International Admiralty Chart Agent.