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islamorada admiralty chart agent the panama canal

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admiralty chart agents islamorada the panama canal


admiralty ENC updates islamorada admiralty chart agent the panama canal

We are distributors of maritime information, whether that be an ADMIRALTY ENC or paper chart, a printed publication, or an e-reader, covering all maritime topics afloat or ashore, commercial or leisure.

AVCS Update DVDs

Here is the ADMIRALTY FTP site where you can download the AVCS update DVDs, You will need to begin using the ENCs, offered via AVCS.

The username is “ukhopublic” and the password is “Public12345” (both case sensitive).

AVCS Update DVDs

Double click on the latest links you see for DVD1 and DVD2, and they should begin to download. There are two links for each week, you want the heavier of the two files (2-3 GB). It takes approximately 20 mins per CD with a fast connection.

After the ISO files have downloaded, find the files (usually in ‘downloads’ folder), place your cursor over the file and right-click your mouse, then select “burn disc image”. You will need to have a DVD-R disc inserted in the DVD/CD burner. It’s normally takes about 20 mins to burn each of the two DVDs. Once completed, it’s a good idea to annotate them with a felt tip pen - DVD1 and DVD2, and the week number.

AIO Update CD

For the AIO update CD the procedure is the same, but you will need a CD-R or CD-RW disc. The download time and burn time is much less. You will see two files, the one you want to download is about 25MB-40MB

Use same username and password as you did with the DVDs.

AIO Update CD

ADMIRALTY Electronic Nautical Publications (AENP) DVD, (updates for both ADP and ADMIRALTY e-NPs on one disc)

For the ADP update DVD the procedure is the same.

ADP Update DVD

For the ADP version 19.0 software the procedure is the same.

ADP version 19.0

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